the idea of an ancient-future faith means a return to classical Christianity within the context of a postmodern, postchristian world...

in this that follows, i want to contribute to the conversation that is occurring...

the question is, can the christian church in the west survive the disintegration of christendom?
[not in its present form; and not with its present theology]

further, will our thinkers and leaders and theologians be willing to lead us through the necessary realignment? and if not, will they (we) at least be willing to get out of the way?

the challenge of the hour is to proclaim the
kerygma in ways that can be understood by those who desire to hear this good news, a good news that says, "the most wonderful thing has happened..."

the recent ways of the church (the past 200 year accretion) must be allowed to die. doing more of the same, while clinging to a thread-bare theology will not cut it in the post-modern & post-christian context of the west.

another way to say this is to say that this north american religion of ours that is a mile wide and an inch deep will not see us through the present crisis of marginalization and the radical acceleration of hyper-pluralism.